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Despite swearing off getting any more tattoos, Avril Lavigne seems to have had a memory lapse during a recent girl’s night out.

The 26-year-old Canadian singer appears to have impulsively decided to get inked during an outing with her girlfriends on Saturday.

“Girls day!!!!!! Listening to my new record with my girls and catching up,” she tweeted. “Uh-oh girls day turning into girls night … Should I get a tattoo???? Haha.”

Lavigne kept her more than 720,000 Twitter followers updated on her miniadventure and provided a clue to the design she chose to get permanently inked with.

“It’s comes in handy all the time, it can hurt you, but at the same time keep you together, safety first!” teased the singer, who asked fans to guess what design she chose while posting pictures of the inking process.


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On her right inner forearm there is a beautiful tattoo of Marilyn Monroe. Her feelings for Maryilyn Monroe is well known and she probably knows more about her idol than anybody else, especially after having read Barbara Leaming’s 464 page long Marilyn Monroe biography. Emotions and feelings are definitely involved here as Megan Foxis very empathetic towards her idol. This bond began when Megan Fox was a little child and recalls crying every time she heard Marilyn Monroe on TV.

Look closely and enjoy the work of this body art, this is the favorite of all Megan Fox tattoos for many of her fans. It’s really exceptional and not only that, it also has that very cool sixties thing going for kit. I mean when Megan Fox is wearing a Marilyn Monroe-esque dress and the Marilyn tattoo is flashing, it’s just an incredible scene of beauty and fashion.

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